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I was born in Colombia, in Pereira the capital city of coffee located center of country , at November 23, 1979.

I realized studies of Accounting and Finance in my natal city, and moved to live to Lanzarote, in islands Canaries, Spain in 2001.

There in 2006 I took contact as the first time with the lens of a Reflex Camera and fell in love with Canon when I entered To study to the School of Arts and Trades Pancho Lasso.

Newly graduated in 2009 I won 1st position in the 3rd International Contest of Erotic Photography of San Fermin, organized by the Spanish PLAYBOY Magazine and the website SANFERMIN.COM, this it was a opportunity got in to the world of the erotic photography, one of my favorite slopes of photography; that I recommend to you to observe in my another web, exclusively for adults, in

I worked as TV's Cameramen, for newsTV in the local channel of television, LANCELOT TV, in programs of varieties like The Matineé and The Girls of the Night

at December , 2011 I moved to live to Madrid, spanish capital. Already here in Madrid, I had the opportunity to realize some workshops and masters in Author's Photography, by CANON with 4 Biggest Spanish Photographers in autor photography , Ouka Leele / Eugenio Recuenco / Jose Ma. Mellado/ Isabel Muñoz Villalonga